Jenny McCarthy turns to Hefner's 'Playboy After Dark' for inspiration

Washington, Jan 6 (ANI): Jenny McCarthy has revealed that she's looking to Hugh Hefner's old 'Playboy After Dark' as an inspiration for her new talk show.

The actress and former Playboy Playmate will host a late-night talk show Fridays on VH1 starting February 8, CBS News reported.

After years of being tied up in unproductive development deals, McCarthy said that she came to realize the best character she could play was herself.

She's looking for a party atmosphere. One segment she plans with celebrity guests is the "groundbreaking interview," which is talking to guests while both are lying on the ground.

McCarthy also plans a game, "Drunk, Dumb or Both," asking men outside a bar questions like, "what color is a red boat?" (ANI)