Joanna Krupa demands pre-nuptial sex contract from fiance


London, April 05 (ANI): Supermodel Joanna Krupa is insisting fiance Romain Zago to sign a pre-nuptial agreement stating that they will romp three-times-a-week at the very least.

The blonde beauty, who is determined that she'll be satisfied between the sheets once she has tied the knot, is taking the unusual legal action to make sure that her sex life doesn't suffer, the Sun reported.

Nightclub owner Zago revealed to the Sun that the 33-year-old has a huge sex drive, but said that they don't do it every day because both of them work a lot and admitted that their relationship has suffered from the occasional "dry spell" in the bedroom.

Zago, who's been in a relationship with Krupa since six years, added that no couple that has a perfect sex life after so many years together. (ANI)