John shoots despite injury

Sayoni Sinha
India Movies Editorial

Despite being injured with a deep gash in his back, John Abraham kept shooting for Race 2

While shooting a fight scene with professional South Indian fighter and former Mr.Universe Andrew, John Abraham was injured with a deep gash in his back that required up to 14 stitches. But being the professional he is, John kept shooting despite being in pain.Talking about the scene, ‘Race 2’ director Abbas says, "It’s a unique action sequence that hasn’t been seen in any film so far. John’s physique is such that it was necessary to get a competitor as good as him. When we did a research we found Andrew who’s a former Mr Universe. Both of them were trained for the sequence before they shot for it. When the action starts, a huge cage made of iron bars comes down.”

Sources say that John was injured several times, but no one realised that till the days’ shoot was over. “Even when John got a 14 inch cut, we did not know it. Later, we thought we won’t be able to shoot for at least four-five days, but John continued despite the injury". If that wasn't all, the action sequence was filmed for over 14days at Mumbai's Filmistan Studios and the shoot got over around two in the morning.

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To play the part, John went on a rigorous training schedule. “John worked out for three months for the perfect body. He wanted to match up to Andrew  and worked on a physique that was leaner than what he sported in ‘Force’ and at the same time a little beefed up,” says Abbas.

Starring Saif Ali Khan,John Abraham,Deepika Padukone,Jacqueline Fernandez,Anil Kapoor and Ameesha Patel, Race 2 is scheduled to release in January next year.