'Jolly LLB' borrows from Alistair Pereira case?

Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, March 12 (IANS) Subhash Kapoor's "Jolly LLB" seeks its starting-point from the Alistair Pereira hit-and-run case which hit headlines in 2006, but no one is willing to go on record to admit it.

The film, in fact, opens with a sequence showing a hit-and-run incident whose details seem uncannily similar to the Pereira case, in which Alistair Pereira was driving under the influence of alcohol and ran over 15 labourers sleeping on a Mumbai pavement and killed seven of them.

Understandably, Kapoor, the film's director, is wary of admitting to real-life resemblances lest the film gets slapped with more litigation alleging the film to be anti-judiciary.

"It is based on a few real-life hit-and-run cases," said Kapoor.

About the legal notices, that the film is taking a satirical look at the judicial system, Kapoor said: "The legal department is working on it. The Delhi High Court refused to 'stay' the film's release. Hopefully that takes care of the matter."