Kangana Ranaut Is Lucky Charm For CCL Team Mumbai Heroes

Movie Talkies15 January 2013
Kangana Ranaut Is Lucky Charm For CCL Team Mumbai Heroes

Actress Kangana Ranaut, who is reportedly considered the lucky charm for Mumbai Heroes, the cricket team from CCL (Celebrity Cricket League) has been retained as the face of the team this year, it seems.

Confirming the news, Vikas Kapoor, the co-owner, who owns the team along with actor Sohail Khan, said, "She wasn't around in the first season; as a result we didn't win any matches. But she was with us in the second season and we won a few. I hope she continues to remain our lucky charm. She discusses the game regularly and encourages the players, inducing a positive vibe. That's the kind of people we want."


Meanwhile, as Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) is set to begin on February 9, players from Mumbai Heroes have started practice sessions. Captain Suniel Shetty said, "The team didn't fare well last year, but we hope a more regimented training schedule will be a catalyst for success." 

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