Kanye and Kim kick down for bullet- and bomb-proof cars

Yahoo! Autos Canada13 August 2013
Kim and Kanye's Dartz Prombron Iron Diamond

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian will spare no expense keeping themselves and their two-month-old daughter North safe. The rapper and the reality star have commissioned two bullet and bomb-proof vehicles, costing over a million dollars, to get them around Los Angeles and protect them from the prying eyes of paparazzi, as well as the reach of demented fans and, if need be, psychopaths.

What do you think? A case of comic over-armament, or is this the cost of keeping a modern celeb-family safe?

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For family drives, the vehicle of choice will be a $400,000 Chevrolet Kodiak based on President Obama's Cadillac One (below), a car that boasts such features as Kevlar reinforcement, night-vision cameras, and steel rims you can drive on if the tires are blown off.

Kim (here she is, shopping for another ridiculous car) will make solo trips in a million-dollar SUV that sounds as bizarre as it looks: the Prombron Iron Diamond (below), which was the SUV of choice in Sasha Baron Cohen's The Dictator. The absurdly luxurious (strike that: luxuriously absurd) vehicles are made by a Latvian outfit called Dartz, and boast embellishments like whale penis skin upholstery and jewel-encrusted snake ornaments. Because you haven't felt luxury until you've felt whale penis.

Besides the armoured cars--bought on the advice of Jay Z--Kanye is also insisting both he and the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star always have at least two bodyguards. If there have been any kidnapping threats against their daughter, Kanye isn't saying. But the fear is clearly on his mind.

Here's the SUV Dartz claims is the most expensive in the world, the Monaco Red Diamond Edition, which retails for $1.25 million. The photo says it all. Click through for a gallery that's even weirder than the vehicle.

Dartz Prombron Iron Diamond
Dartz Prombron Iron Diamond
 These photos of the Dartz Prombron Red Diamond may be even weirder than the SUV
These photos of the Dartz Prombron Red Diamond may be even weirder than the SUV

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