Karisma: DANGEROUS ISHHQ is not my comeback film

glamsham.com editorial

Rachana, Glamsham Editorial

While it may be hailed that Bollywood is suddenly fascinated with the idea of women-centric films and the actresses like Vidya Balan is getting all the opportunities to play the meaningful roles and the scripts are tailor-made for her, here's one actress who begs to differ on it. Well we are talking about the gorgeous actress Karisma Kapoor, who ruled the roost in 90s.

As per Karisma, she has done such kind of roles in the past.

"It's really amazing but I would also like to remind you that I used to do that 10 years ago with films like BIWI NO.1, FIZA, ZUBEIDAA, SHAKTI. So I genuinely believe that a good actor and a good script will always get the audiences. I don't think it's now or then that has mattered....When you are a good actor good scripts will be made and come your way. It's great that it's still happening," says Karisma.

Meanwhile, Karisma Kapoor, who is set to return on big-screen with Vikram Bhatt's DANGEROUS ISHHQ, hates it being called her comeback film.

"I would like to clear DANGEROUS ISHHQ is not my comeback film. I feel I was on a sabbatical. I was on a maternity leave. If a working woman takes a leave for her maternity she is not making her comeback on the job. Similarly, I would like to consider myself as a professional," Karimsa says in a matter of fact tone.

So next time when you bump into Karisma better not tag DANGEROUS ISHHQ as her comeback in Bollywood.

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