Katrina Kaif's beauty secrets

Be The Diva

Oodles of talent, gorgeous skin and breathtakingly beautiful, that's Katrina Kaif for you. When she first burst onto the scene not many reckoned that the pretty actress would go on to take the Bollywood industry by storm. But, she did, with her talent, hard work and of course, goddess-like looks she piped more famous names and like they say "the rest is history". In spite of being born and brought up in a different country, she weaves her magic and is able to mesmerize the Indian audience effortlessly. Even in her sans make up avatar she looks equally impressive, if not more. 

Katrina endorses many beauty products, all thanks to her beautiful skin and flawless looks. With her porcelain skin and svelte figure, she sure looks like a doll. Even the makers of Barbie thought so and were so enchanted by her beauty that they decided to make a doll named Katrina. Now which other actress can boast of having a doll crafted to resemble her? 

Don't you want to know how the darling of the Indian film industry manages to look like an angel that just fell down from heaven all the time? Of course you do. Presenting Katrina's beauty secrets! 

Less is more 

When it comes to make up, Katrina believes in the mantra "less is more" and follows it sincerely. She avoids using any make up when not shooting. Using less make up helps her skin remain fresh and radiant. Also, she never forgets to remove her make up before going to bed.

Wonder products that Katrina uses

Katrina attributes her gorgeous skin to a strict beauty regime. Her face wash contains 2% Salicylic Acid and naturally occurring components like glycolic acid, Vitamin C, E and A, which have been especially formulated to penetrate the outer skin.

She swears by cleansing milk and also uses beauty oils. To make any itchiness go away Katrina uses a mineral mud pack to keep her skin calm. The mud pack also helps her combat any beauty emergency.

Diet and exercise 

Although Katrina does not believe in following a specific diet plan, she does swear by the importance of eating right. She begins her day with 4 glasses of water. Water detoxifies and keeps the body hydrated. She follows it by sipping on green tea. Green tea, being a rich source of antioxidants helps keep wrinkles at bay. She has a drink containing wheatgrass powder daily for the same reason. Every two hours Katrina eats some fresh fruits. She is also a firm believer in the goodness of Acai berry supplements and takes them regularly to keep her skin looking radiant. Eating fruits every two hours keep her going throughout the day. 

You don't get a body like Katrina's just like that. She exercises regularly and turns to swimming, jogging, weight training, and Kathak to maintain her sexy curves. She is also a fan of body massages and frequently indulges herself at some of the finest spas in Mumbai. 

And you thought, looking as great as Katrina was so easy! But, it certainly doesn't hurt to try. Does it?