Lawsuit Threatened Against Ford for MyFordTouch

George Kennedy

When MyFordTouch entered the marketplace several years ago, it was lauded as a quantum leap for car-driver interfaces. The Microsoft-developed voice control system could understand literally thousands of commands, controlling everything from the stereo to the in-car temperature. But some owners have not been happy with the realized performance and functionality of MyFordTouch, and a class action lawsuit may now be launched against Ford.

Law firm Hagens Berman Sobol Sharpiro LLP is threatening suit against the American automaker, claiming that MyFordTouch, and its Lincoln and Mercury counterpart systems (MyLincolnTouch and MyMercuryTouch) are defective. According to a press release by the law firm, the system is theoretically brilliant, but falls short in its execution.


The release goes on to say that MyFordTouch, “Is fundamentally flawed, failing to reliably provide functionality, amounting to an inconvenience at best, and a serious safety issue at worst.” Complaints range from that of the system failing to respond to commands, to completely stalling.

An official suit has yet to be filed, but could be impending. Have you experienced such issues with MyFordTouch? Or does it work perfectly fine? Let us know about your experiences in the comments below.

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