How Long Does Homework Take for Your Kid?

Ask this question to any Mom and you will find different answers. Some kids finish home work within no time and run off to play. On the other hand, there are kids who are sitting with their books the whole evening and eventually the Mom is sitting with them as well. Many Moms claim that their child buys time in the guise of using the toilet or being hungry whenever he is asked to finish his homework. . . .
Is your child one of them ?
Are you spending the entire evening struggling with his homework . . . .
if so, let us find out the reasons behind this.

Kid Doing Homework

How to Handle Homework

Homework is given by most of the schools but the amount may vary from one school to another. There is an ongoing debate about the importance of homework. Most parents believe doing homework for 30 minutes or so is fine during elementary schooling. Experts are also divided over the issue of homework. American schools have started giving more homework now but Japan is shunning the theory of homework. However, the fact remains, whether parents like it or not, majority of the schools in India give some or other work to be done at home.

Why Does Your Child Spend So Much Time on His Homework ?
If your child is spending most of the evening on his homework , assess the problem. Is there too much homework or is your child taking too much time ? If this is a case of too much homework, you can present the issue in the parent-teacher meeting or association. Other parents may also agree with you and all of you can talk to the concerned teacher and try to resolve the situation. But if your little one is the only one having this issue, you will need to tackle it back home.

Tips For Faster Homework
Does your find any particular subject difficult and hard to cope with ? Spend time with him and help him understand the subject better. Talk to the subject teacher about this.
Allow the child to play with his favorite game or cook his favourite dish if he finishes homework fast. This will keep him motivated.
See if the child is distracted, sitting in front of TV or in the company of other children, while doing homework ? Is he continuously doing his work or simply daydreaming in between? Believe me, lot of kids do that.
Are you busy on your phone or laptop sitting next to the child. He might be listening to your conversation while pretending to read his books.

Do not let the child get stressed or develop negativity towards the homework. Eliminate the above issues and provide incentives for your child to finish his homework in a timely manner. Remind him that it is much more fun to finish the work on time and have extra time to play , talk or watch something interesting together on TV. Try these tips, the solution may be as simple as it sounds.