Madhuri Dixit: Juhi Chawla's presence elevates GULAAB GANG editorial
Madhuri Dixit: Juhi Chawla's presence elevates GULAAB GANG

By Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial

Ever since it was out that Bollywood's two reigning queens of the '90s, Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla are coming together in the same space, the curiosity level around GULAAB GANG has been pretty high.

"It's not very surprising but exciting and wonderful for people that two of us are pitted against each other for the first time. And when you put these two girls in a movie together, of course, it's going to create curiosity. Besides, the kind of scenes are in the movie, the dialogues and the way it's mounted, the action, the songs and everything else is also responsible for the curiosity around the film. It makes GULAAB GANG a very attractive proposal and with Juhi being there, it kind of elevates the whole film," says Madhuri.

However, ask Madhuri how was it bonding and associating with rival Juhi Chawla for the very first time and she says unequivocally, "First of all I don't look at her as a rival. I don't know why people keep calling us rivals. We were contemporaries. Even back then we (actresses) were all doing our kind of work and I have never really looked at them like rivals. We are people in the same profession. You have your own way of dealing with things; you have your kind of scripts.I think the rivalry is all created and nothing else. As far as bonding with Juhi is concerned, I got to know her a little bit because I worked with her. The camaraderie just happens when you are working together."

Juhi feels that she lacked the screen presence and Madhuri's style of dancing in GULAAB GANG. Ask Madhuri if she too was envious of Juhi's portrayal in the film and she says, "Well, I don't envy because I think each person has to bring their own personality and I love Juhi's voice and her comic timing. She is tremendous and in a lot of ways we are similar in the sense that we are very committed to the work we do. We are much-disciplined actors."

Like us, even Mads,as she is fondly called, was taken aback when she got to know that Juhiwasplaying a villain in GULAAB GANG.

She shares her first reaction, "Well, at first I was quite surprised as I had these images of Juhi Chawla always smiling and a sweet voice....I was like excuse me 'Juhi a villain'! But when I gave a second thought to it, I realised it would give the villain a different twist. It wouldn't be like an average run-of -the-mill villain movie. It was very interesting to think that Juhi, who has a very sweet voice saying such devious things and thought it would be very interesting for a moment."

Directed by debutant Soumik Sen and produced by Anubhav Sinha, GULAAB GANG hits the screens today.

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