Madras Cafe was challenging: Nargis Fakhri

Sayoni Sinha
Yahoo! India Movies

Nargis Fakhri talks about her role in 'Madras Cafe' and the research that went into it
In 'Madras Cafe', Nargis Fakhri plays an international journalist  who enjoys direct access to the leader of the most influential rebel group  in Sri Lanka. It wasn't an easy role as she had to tread the jungles in heavy rain and shoot under trying circumstances, even ending up with high fever for a few days. A lot of research went in to get the character right. Right from scrounging the internet to actually meeting some journalist, Nargis put in  hours of research for her character.
John's 'Madras Cafe' in hot water?

Shooting the action sequences were quite an experience for her. While filming one scene where she is sitting inside a car and people are firing gun shots, some pieces of the glass came straight on her face. Luckily, no damage was done.Here's what she has to say.