Mahendra Dhariwal's MONSOON concludes in Dalhousie! editorial
Mahendra Dhariwal's MONSOON concludes in Dalhousie!

By Abid, Glamsham Editorial

Filmmaker Mahendra Dhariwal is famous for hard-hitting patriotic films like, MAA TUJHE SALAAM, as also big budget ventures like NEHLE PE DEHLA.

When we caught up with Mahendra Dhariwal he was in Himachal Pradesh's beautiful hill station of Dalhousie, famous for films like 1942-A LOVE STORY, GADAR, DIL SE etc.

When we queried him about his present engagement, he told us, "I have just completed the shooting of MONSOON. It is a one sided love story between a 17 year old sardar boy and a much older married woman. How he solves the problems in her life without the woman even knowing about it forms the crux of the story. The other cast members include actor-model Shawar Ali in an important and central role. "

Please go on... and Mahendra continues, "We have shot at snow covered areas of Dalhousie where no other filmmaker has gone till date. The film is now going into post production and we plan to release it in September," concludes Mahendra Dhariwal.

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