Mariah Carey spends 28k pounds annually to groom dogs


London, April 25 (ANI): Mariah Carey spends a huge 28,000 pounds a year on grooming of her eight pet dogs, it has been revealed. A source said that when it comes to her mutts, 44-year-old singer, who owns assets worth an estimated 290 million pounds, gets her precious pooches the luxury of massages, full body wraps, manicures and facials during their day-long spa trips at the Rainbow Pet Spa and pays for all of it herself, the Mirror reported. She also pays for the canines to travel with her first class and always has them well groomed before travelling and leaves them at dog day care saloons when she can't take them along. The insider claimed that she has also employed a chauffeur who transports them here and there, which costs around 400 pounds a time. The mom-of two had added three more puppies to the family of her five Jack Russell terriers in 2013. (ANI)