May move to a secular nation: Kamal

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Update: 5.15pm Kamal Haasan will now move the Supreme Court after the Madras High Court stayed the release of his film ‘Vishwaroopam’ after initially having lifted the ban.

The problems for the veteran actor Kamal Haasan's mega-budget "Vishwaroopam" increased after the Madras High Court Wednesday set aside the single judge's interim order that allowed screening of the film in the state.

The high court bench chaired by Justice Dharma Rao has nullified the revocation of the ban on the film by Justice K. Venkataraman Tuesday.

"The film stays banned as of now and it can't be screened across Tamil Nadu," Justice Dharma Rao said.

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Update 4pm
: The controversy over Kamal Haasan’s latest flick Vishwaroopam takes on a new turn with the actor agreeing to delete some scenes and words as part of a compromise with Muslim groups to ensure the film releases in theatres in Tamil Nadu.

According to a report in NDTV, The Madras High Court, has dismissed an appeal by the state government, pleading for a ban on the 95-crore film imposed by the Tamil Nadu government last week.

Kamal Haasan warned that it is the government's responsibility to ensure "nobody is harmed now." Petrol bombs were hurled at two theatres 600 kms from Chennai which were scheduled to show Vishwaroopan. Nobody was hurt; glass windows were shattered.

A judge of the Madras High Court who has reviewed the film lifted the ban on it last night, but the state government appealed to the High Court against that verdict.

Veteran actor Kamal Haasan says that if the ban on his controversial film "Vishwaroopam" is not lifted, he might have to look out for a "secular state" and that can be out of the country.

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"I have lost all my property for the film, so I have nothing to lose, but choose now. If the judgment is not favourable for me, I have to look out for a secular state abroad. We will get away from this place but will have lot of good memories," the 58-year-old told reporters at a press conference here.

"If there is no secular state in India, I would go overseas. I think Tamil Nadu wants me out. What would change is my passport; I would still be an Indian. I have pledged all my property for the film. I have lost my house because of delay in release," he added.

According a report in Times of India "It is a political game, and I am not even sure who is playing it," he said.

The Madras High Court Tuesday ruled in favour of "Vishwaroopam" and lifted the ban by the state government. It, however, said the administrative step was to be taken by the government. The actor says he still has to see the effect in theatres - the film has to run.

"The fact is that I have yet to get interim relief as some of my friends have reported in press. The film shows are stopped again and the police have sent away fans, asking for court order copy. I have been thrashed in a political game, monetary loss is not important," Haasan added.

The mega-budget film was due to release Jan 25, but the Tamil Nadu government banned the film following fears of law and order situation. The ban was further extended to Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

A report in NDTV lists what Kamal had to say
The highlights

  • I've lost my house because of the delay in its release.
  • One man's money, his film is not important in terms of a nation.
  • I wonder how one movie could knock this mighty nation's unity.
  • I need a secular place to settle. If there's no secular place in India, I would go overseas.
  • After this I will have to seek a secular state for me to stay in - from Kashmir to Kerala - excluding Tamil Nadu... I will look for a state to stay.
  • If I cannot find in India, I will hopefully find another secular country that will take me in.
  • MF Hussain had to do it,  Haasan will do it.
  • I think Tamil Nadu wants me out.
  • I only want to stay in a secular state. However, that does not mean I will not make Tamil films.
  • I am not angry with my people.
  • I have the protection - it is only the free will to speak that is being denied.
  • I want to be a secular man.
  • I am not blaming one religion.  I am fed up. I am just an artiste, I am godless.
  • My fans will keep peace, and that includes a lot of Muslims.
  • I had shown the movie to my Muslim brothers as they are my brothers.
  • For the sake of this film, I have hawked my house to a moneylender.
  • My talent would remain with me.
  • I have full confidence in judiciary.