Melanie Griffith set to fight 40m pounds divorce battle with Antonio Banderas

London, July 7 (ANI): Melanie Griffith will fight for a 40million pounds divorce battle against her estranged husband Antonio Banderas, according to reports.

The duo will fight for control of their worldwide property empire as well as custody of their teenage daughter and three pet dogs, the Daily Star reported.

The 'Working Girl' actress is also demanding spousal support for life from Banderas, according to the documents submitted by her.

One close source revealed that Griffith wanted half of everything the couple jointly owned and the current estimate of their property holdings could be far less than the portfolio was actually worth.

The source added that the duo owned homes, restaurants and commercial buildings across America and Europe and it also included a huge Spanish style villa and an adjoining home in Los Angeles that cost 10.2million pounds. (ANI)