Men are rubbish when it comes to health, says comedian Bill Bailey


London, Jan. 7 (ANI): UK comic Bill Bailey, whose mother died of bowel cancer, has said that men are pretty bad when it comes to dealing with health issues.

The 48-year-old comic artist, whose father suffered from prostate cancer, said that even though the figures of the disease was shocking, it was still not in the spotlight in the same way as breast cancer was, the Mirror reported.

Citing male pride as the reason as to why men didn't want to admit that they were ill, he said, that men thought that going for a check-up could be seen as a weakness or a lack of masculinity.

He said that women were probably more proactive in their health care in a way men were not as they tend to ignore a problem and hoped that it will go away

People need to get the conversation going about men going for screening, he added. (ANI)