MJ played 'Russian roulette with his own life', claims AEG Live lawyer

Melbourne, Sept 27 (ANI): AEG Live would have never agreed to finance 'This Is It' tour if they knew Michael Jackson was playing 'Russian roulette' with his life by taking drugs to fight his insomnia issues, jurors heard on Thursday.

Defence attorney made the argument a day after jurors heard that the King of Pop died because of his 'own bad choices' and not because of anything done by the concert promoter, the Courier Mail reported.

Marvin Putnam said Jackson insisted on hiring Dr Murray Conrad, despite of the objection made by the company which also told him that there were great doctors in London.

He explained that Conrad was secretly giving the star intravenous doses of propofol, a drug not meant to be used outside operating rooms.

The defence lawyer said that the late singer was a grown man and was responsible for his choice no matter how bad they may be. (ANI)