MJ wanted to 'redeem image' with 'This Is It' London concerts


London, Sept. 20 (ANI): Michael Jackson was hoping to "redeem his image" with the 'This Is It' concerts in London, a US court has heard.

On a tape played out at Jackson's wrongful death trial, Allan Metzger, a doctor and close friend of the late singer, said that he wanted to go out with a flash, the BBC reported.

Metzger's testimony, which was recorded during the trial of Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray, contradicted many accounts of Jackson as an unwell sole, forced to commit to more concerts than he was capable of doing and dependent on prescription drugs in the final months of his life.

Metzger said Jackson was anxious that he might not be able to sleep when he got to London to kick off the concerts, but when the doc suggested him to consult a sleep therapists, the King of Pop resisted.

The doctor said that during his last meeting with Jackson in April, 2009, the singer asked him for intravenous sleep medication, but he refused to give. (ANI)