Mooch is the new six-pack in Bollywood

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With Abhay Deol flaunting old school Babu whiskers in ‘Shanghai’, is it the new success mantra? Find out

Bollywood’s affair with tiny bristles over the upper lip is an old one. Brave revolutionaries to roadside Romeos have all flaunted various versions of the great Indian mooch. In ‘Shanghai’ Abhay Deol has his very own. A prominent yet not overwhelming, neatly combed moustache. He plays a diligent IAS officer in the film who has been posted in a state outside his native where he is working on a serious case.

His character is that of a Tamilian Brahmin, a caste that has always been portrayed as ostensibly religious and conservative. So while lessons to master the Tamilian accent did help, a neat set of upper lip hair helped him convey all that and more. You see him here looking positively grim as he discusses an important case with a colleague played by Farooq Sheikh.

Is serious the new sexy is what Abhay’s new look makes you question. This shatters the historical notion that believed a neat mooch equals to a person who is one-dimensional, righteous and extremely boring. High on geek quotient, a tidy moustachial hero was always characterized as doer of good or a well domesticated husband. Don’t believe us, check out these superstars of Bollywood with their meticulous manicured facial crop.

While moustaches may seem inconsequential in characterization, 2011 was the year of the mooch, with most top actors sprouting their own petting glories. But can facial hair under the nose complete ones personality or was it just coincidental. Why don’t you browse through this slideshow to decide for yourself?

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