How to Make Your Mother-in-Law Love You Forever

When two people settle down with one another after wedding, adjustments become a necessity rather than a choice. They take time getting used to each other's family. For every girl, thanks to the age old beliefs and the daily soaps, the mother-in-law is likened to a monster of some sort even before she gets to know her. However, if you put in a bit of effort, your mom-in-law can become your best friend. Yes, the matter can be tricky. But put your best foot forward, be confident while you deal with the difficulties in getting used to a new life, and you can find a friend for life.

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Making initial compromises

It is only in the first few years that you need to make small compromises to make sure that your married life is comfortable. You must understand that your mother-in-law is also trying to get used to your regular way of life. Obviously, she has set the rules of the house and has been practising it for years. In case there is something that is bothering you, don't question it straight away. Ignore it for a few days. Instead appreciate the good things in the household. That way, when you make a suggestion for a change, she will be able to take it positively rather than considering an insult on her way of life.

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Never involve the husband

Just the way you have disagreements with your mom at home, you will have differences with your mom-in-law. This is absolutely natural since you are both part of a family now. But the issues get worse when you involve your husband. He is obviously not going to be able to take sides in the matter as he would definitely hurt one of you in the process. The most convenient solution is that you and your mom-in-law resolve issues by talking things out. That way, you will also understand why the problem arose in the first place and be able to avoid it in future. More than anything else, your mother-in-law will love you for keeping things between yourselves.

You cannot replace the mom

This is a mistake that many daughters-in-law make. You are by default a priority in your husband's life. So, there is no point in comparing the things he does for you and his mother. Just like your parents are indispensible to you, his parents are indispensible to him. If your husband shares some special things with his mom, let him do so. There is absolutely no wrong intention in that. If you try to resist those special moments he shares with his family, you will only end up looking like the bad one in the whole equation.

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Simple things make a lasting impression

There are simple things you can do to make your mom-in-law feel welcomed in your life. For instance, if your husband brings home two sarees, let your mom-in-law make the first choice. When you go out together and your mom-in-law is accompanying you, make sure she sits in the front seat. These things may seem childish, but they will definitely have a long lasting positive effect on your married life.  After a while, your mother-in-law will begin to reciprocate. Don’t be surprised if she insists that you have the first choice of the sarees or sit in the front seat with her son!

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