Nauheed's tryst with the Mantastic Men

Nauheed Cyrusi
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What better job can anyone ask for? My latest Style Factor assignment to interview the MANTASTIC MEN - Mr Milind Soman, Mr Vidyut Jamwal, Mr Sonu Sood and Mr Rana Daggubati, and boy oh boy was I in for a treat!

 I was pretty nervous at first because of course when you’re interviewing someone you have to make sure your background check is on point and being on the other side of interviews I know how annoying it can get when the interviewer asks you questions which are irrelevant and unoriginal.

So while I had my set of questions, I knew I wanted the viewers to get to know the REAL MEN. I wanted to know what keeps them going, what makes their heart beat what, their pet peeves are and so on...I started it off by interviewing Rana and only one word kept popping into my mind....

The term GENTLE GIANT needs to be bestowed upon him…coming from so much and accomplishing so so very much down south and of course now in Bollywood, this man was so soft spoken and so very courteous I was pleasantly surprised and he was just someone who was very easy to talk to. So I knew I kick started my interviews with the perfectly manstastic man and before I knew it, it was time to have Vidyut on the hot seat...

Now here’s a guy who if I had to describe in one word DEDICATED would be it. He wakes up at 4:30 every morning to train and yes it sure shows… his humble background and humility made me instantly fall in love. He also has incredibly piercing eyes and when he talks to you it feels like there’s no one else in the world present but the two of you.

Sonu Sood and I go way back, we’d done an international film together and was I happy to meet him after so very long. He’s your typical north Indian boy...tall, handsome, super duper fit and loves his food. We had so many stories to share and so very much to talk about that I forgot I was in fact interviewing him. He’s super excited about his new films and I wish him only the very best always.

Now moving on to the man of the moment, the very mantastic Milind Soman. Firstly you wouldn’t b able to guess how old he is, looking at how fit he is. It’s impossible to! He told me all about how fitness plays the most important part in his life and how his entire family including his 74-year-old mommy is into trekking and walking. Wow is all I want to say. Pssst! He also told me he looks for madness in a woman. So all the crazy ladies out there, put on your jogging shoes and go gaga over this Mantastic Man.