It's OK to have regrets, says Sir Ben Kingsley

Dubai, Dec 11 (ANI): Sir Ben Kingsley insists on looking forward in life, and taking advantage of every opportunity that comes along.

Although Kingsley, who won an Oscar for playing Mahatma Gandhi in the 1983 flick, may not look back often, his childhood haunts him.

"It's OK to have regrets. To change anything would be wrong, even my weird, frightening, dysfunctional childhood, at moments when I fell asleep wondering if there was anybody there, and went to bed exhausted," Gulf News quoted him as saying.

"Trying to keep the family happy, trying to pump energy into a very depressed family room, I wouldn't change that because it's given me the urgency to be a storyteller.

"It gave me the urgency to be as compassionate and empathetic as I possible can, as a storyteller who has been invited to address millions through the camera. A child who went to bed thinking there was nobody there," he said.

He described his craft as "the gathering of ingredients to make something to hand over to somebody else."

"It's all layered you see - that occupies a layer," he said.

"It's always looking forward. I don't look back.

"Actors need to look forward and take each opportunity given to them as if it's their last. That's how you succeed," he added. (ANI)