'Outrageous' dining requests of stars revealed

Washington, May 31 (ANI): From fake vegans, who are trying to hide their meat eating habits, or asking for a separate table for their dogs, stars have made some seriously outrageous requests at eateries.

Several Maitre D's have revealed the odd ones to The Hollywood Reporter.

One star asked for a separate table for their dog, while another asked if they could buy out the restaurant to seat their tiger, Radar Online reported.

According to Maitre D's, one celebrity gets the entire menu read to him every time he comes in.

One star, who is known to be a vegan, asked the staff to have a steak made and served to him in the eatery's private dining room so that he could keep up the pretence of being a vegetarian.

Another celeb, who follows the vegan route, insisted on feasting on foie gras.

A star once asked the chef to prepare beef tenderloin in the shape of an elephant for her son's third birthday.

Once a A-list celebrity brought his daughter into one of L.A.'s top eatery, along with the crew from his new movie and ordered a grilled cheese for his daughter, which was not on the menu and then told the waiter that he was ordering grilled cheese for everyone with him and that's all they were going to have. (ANI)