S.P. Of Udaipur Manhandled Bad's Unit!

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S.P. Of Udaipur Manhandled Bad's Unit!

The unit of Pooja Bhatt's upcoming film Bad is presently shooting for the film in Udaipur and Pooja recently revealed that Udaipur's Superintendent of Police today harassed her team members.

Taking to Twitter, the actress-turned filmmaker wrote, “Horrific day in Udaipur today. The SP of Udaipur,Hariprasad Sharma barged onto our set,manhandled my unit and got extremely abusive. Why did the SP Udaipur behave in such an obnoxious manner? Because he was asked to wait for precisely 5 mins while we canned a shot.”

“I went straight to the Collector who called the SP in & asked him to render an apology since I had permission to film on a public holiday,” she further added.

Talk about cops' Bad behaviour tch tch…