Paris Jackson's 'suicide attempt was to seek attention'

Wellington, June 7 (ANI): Police do not believe that Michael Jackson's daughter Paris had wanted to kill herself.

The 15-year-old had been rushed to hospital on Wednesday morning after attempting to commit suicide.

Although Los Angeles law enforcement has classified it as a suicide attempt, info being gathered suggested that Paris' behaviour was a cry for help.

A source told that Paris wanted attention and her calling a suicide hotline is compelling evidence that she wanted to be saved.

The insider said that it made no sense that a person would call a hotline if they really wanted to die.

And when emergency services arrived, she is believed to have been conscious and reportedly didn't argue or struggle when she was placed on a stretcher and taken to a Southern California hospital.

Another report had suggested that her family has been worried about her behaviour for more than 6 months.

A source said that Paris has been exhibiting mood swings and people close to her believe that she may be suffering from bipolar disorder. (ANI)