Pep Up Your Kid's Room with These Budget Decor Ideas

Roheena Nagpal

home decor guide for kids room

Bright and colourful accessories for your kids


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Kids rooms are a place where decor must be versatile yet vibrant, and in keeping with your child’s nature. But, the best way to do up their room is by adding a lot of fun elements. From colourful accessories to creative knick-knacks here and there, here are a few budget decor ideas for your little one's space. 



1. The furniture should ideally be in neutrals like wood colours in light tones like acacia and cedar rather than dark woods like walnut and teak.


2. With lighter colours, you can do up the room with colours in furnishings, bed linen and decor. The advantage being that the neutral base allows the colours to make their presence felt and enhance the accent in the room. If everything is coloured, the room will look cluttered and busy.


3. The simplest way to do up your child's room is adding coloured and vibrant cushions. These add fun and happiness to the space. Avoid beiges and whites since they make the space boring and unattractive for children and their friends. Make it feel like a story as this will spark their imagination.


4. Add personalised cushions to have them feel a sense of belonging to their space. When they see their name on their belongings, it will make them feel more confident and responsible.


5. Incorporate a coloured trash can, pen stand with lots of coloured pens, soft board with vibrant pictures. All these will give the space a facelift instantly. Always remember that colours play magic for the mood.


6. Wall stickers are an inexpensive and fun way to decorate your kid's room. They peel off easily to make way for a change. Children can keep changing their positions and make the room an interactive space.


7. Add colorful knobs to the neutral furniture. Changing the curtains can be an expensive proposition, but adding curtain tiebacks and finials can make the space attractive. 


8. Frame the paintings made by your children, or any other piece of work on the walls of their room. They feel encouraged and happy this way. 


Make them love their space, they’ll feel responsible for it. :-)

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