Peter Jackson playing dwarf in 'Hobbit' cameo


Wellington, Dec. 18 (ANI): Peter Jackson has revealed that he played the role of a dwarf fleeing the dragon Smaug in his new flick 'The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey.'

According to, the 51-year-old director said he shot the cameo scene in the final days of filming the movie, reported.

"I'm trying to be disguised so no-one will know," he said.

Jackson had to put on a full dwarf costume and was "horrified" with how uncomfortable it was.

Jackson has a long history of appearing in his own films.

He made an appearance in all three 'Lord of the Rings' movies - most famously in 'The Fellowship of the Ring' as a drunken, carrot-eating inhabitant of Bree.

In 'The Lovely Bones' he is seen testing a Super 8 camera in a Pennsylvania mall store.

In 'King Kong,' he shaved his beard to make an uncredited appearance, as a biplane gunner in the climactic scene on top of the Empire State Building.

He is also understood to have had cameos in 'The Frighteners,' 'Heavenly Creatures,' and his early splatter movies. (ANI)