Prateik Approached For 'Bazaar' Remake

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Prateik Turning Into A 'All Work And No Play' Jack?

They say that history repeats itself and the present piece of news will prove to be testimony to the fact. It was in 1982 that the late Smita Patil wowed everyone with her performance in Sagar Sarhadi's Bazaar, which dealt with the plight of young girls sold abroad to wealthy families.

Now, more than two decades later, Prateik, the son of the critically acclaimed actress, has been reportedly approached to play a role in the remake of the movie. Sources claim that producer Sunil Bohra has been trying to persuade Sarhadi for the remake rights of the movie and it is said that Sarhadi was initially reluctant to do so until Bohra revealed that he had plans to rope in Prateik for a role in the movie.

A source close to the project was quoted to have said, "Tabu is likely to be roped in to play the role of Najma, the character essayed by Smita Patil in the original whereas Prateik will be playing the role of Sarju, which was played by Farooq Sheikh in the original."

Now, this is what we call a 'marketable' idea (pun unintended)…