Preity Zinta: 'Media should take responsibility of what they write'

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Preity Zinta: 'Media should take responsibility of what they write'

Preity Zinta, who is gearing up for her Bollywood comeback with her home production Ishkq In Paris, seems a little miffed with the media, these days. At a recently held event, when Preity was aksed about the same, she said that the media makes her upset when they don't report the right things and talk irresponsibly about people's personal and professional lives.

Rumours had it in the past that her maiden production venture was getting delayed, because it was not finding any buyers and when Preity was asked to comment on this, she said, “I'll always do bigger better things in life and regarding how I take these rumours I listen to them from one ear and take them out from the other. There are some journalists who write things without double checking. Earlier I used to say that it's ok for them to write about someone's personal life but it's not ok and now you are writing rubbish about somebody's business, I don't think it's ok but I have two ways to react to it... either I don't react to it or I go all guns blazing but there is a time and place for that. I can only hit back by making sure that I do great work and I don't really care.”

When asked if she is miffed with the media, the dimpled dame said, “I am not upset or angry with the media but sometimes I get upset with them because I really wish people take things with a  little bit of responsibility. When an actor is seen holding a cigarette, the whole media says that why you all are smoking, you are role models, same way it's important for the media also to take responsibility and put out news which is news and not what they think is news that's all.”

Directed by Prem Raj, Ishkq In Paris will see Rhehan Malliek opposite Zinta and is slated to hit the theaters on May 24, this year.