Ralph Gilles: “Dodge Isn’t Going Anywhere”

Jeff Perez

Back in June, we brought you news suggesting that Dodge might be going the way of the dodo bird. Dead, kaput, finito. And for enthusiasts, that was some pretty disheartening news, considering the brand’s vast history in the market.

But fear not Dodge faithful, as Chrysler’s head of design and SRT Brand CEO, Ralph Gilles, promises that Dodge isn’t going anywhere. Right now, at least. Responding to a few friendly fans on his Instagram feed, Gilles had this to say:


“Dodge isn’t going anywhere anytime soon,” adding, “Dodge is here to stay! It may get more focused going forward but not killed!”

This is definitely a sigh of relief for most Dodge fans around the globe, but as the brand does become more “focused,” we know this means the ditching of a good portion of its lineup, including the Challenger, Avenger and Grand Caravan.

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Via: CarBuzz