Ram-Leela Music Review

glamsham.com editorial

By Rafat, Glamsham Editorial

Expectations from the audio of RAM LEELA are simply gigantic and the reason is just one, filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Right from KHAMOSHI to GUZAARISH (directorial ventures), high quality, classy music has always been the highlight of his films. But there is no debating the fact that HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM will remain the best of the lot. Since his latest offering RAM LEELA bears an uncanny resemblance (in settings) to HDDCS, we can hope that the music, which is helmed by SLB himself, should be in the same league and it is not impossible as he has proven his musical acumen many times. So let's play on and check out the musical treat!Ram Chahe Leela" is the highlight dance number picturised on Priyanka Chopra, who is looking super hot in the promos and will surely find appeal because of its fast paced beats and musical arrangements (superb fusion of Gujarati folk and western) and also simple Hinglish lyrics. The title track adds to the narrative. Talented Bhoomi Tridevi shows her class with an excellent rendition. Though "Lahu Muh Lag Gaya" starts off as a Gujarati folk based number and even has all the traditional musical arrangements, but it is a slow drawl intense passion filled love song. Shail Hada does well and his slightly mature and base vocals suit Ranveer. A beautiful display of violin and piano present a perfect start to the intense, passionate call for love , "Ang Laga De". Rendered to perfection by Aditi Paul, it's her show all the way. Shail Hada too comes in briefly. The background hymn chants add to the mystique. The love intensity of the female lead is expressed in a novel manner through the lyrics, which are in 'Bhakti Ras'."Poore Chand" could have made for a superb love track, but is a tad slow in parts, and even though Shail Hada does well, he fails to create the magic required to lift the song to the next level. The USP of the track is the novel lyrics and 'shehnai' piece .Bhansali's iconic "Doli Taro Dhol Baje" remains the most popular 'Navratri' number till date and "Nagada Sang Dhol Baje" too seems to be heavily inspired by it. The 'garba' dance number with a heavy folk base is grand and opulent and is a feast to the eyes and ears. Deepika's spirited dancing makes it a special treat. Shreya is a class act and Osman Mir supports via background chorus.Lal Ishq" is actually a 'tasawwuf' (sufi composition where God is akin to the beloved) number and its 'mukhda' too is inspired by a popular 'naat' (hymn sung in praise of the Prophet). Arijit Singh is masterly in his rendition as he conquers the high notes with ease and delves deep into emotions required from this 'sufiana' number. Though it sounds more like a Govinda-David number and appears to be part of a 'masala' retro film, the 'chhed-chhaad' composition, "Ishqyoun Dishkyaun", aimed at the masses, spices and lightens up proceedings. Udit Narayan's multi-talented son Aditya Narayan's totally 'bindaas' rendition adds to the fun. But actually it is the lyrics that take the cake and end up winner. An all Gujarati traditional folk dance number with a nice, addictive rhythm, "Mor Bani Thanghat Kare" is rendered by Osman Mir (though one misses Keerthi Sagathia here) with Aditi Paul providing the female back up chorals. Another melodious, passion filled composition, "Dhoop", set in the same mould as 'Ang Laga De" (DEVDAS) sung by 'sureeli' Shreya highlighting the intense feelings of the female lead makes for a pleasant hear due to Shreya's superb rendition.Aditya comes behind the mike once again for "Tattad Tattad", an introductory number which pays eulogies to the male lead, Ranveer Singh. And he not only sounds like his dad but sings like him as well; flawless and smooth as silk rendition! Summing up, the audio of RAM LEELA is as per expectations, classy with a superb fusion of folk, western and Bollywood, and our favourites are "Ram Chahe Leela" and "Nagade Sang Dhol Baje". But due to its heavy Gujarati flavor, a pan India appeal seems to be missing and so the universal acclaim (or even mass appeal) that the album of HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM or even DEVDAS received will be difficult for RAM LEELA to achieve. However it will be lapped up in Maharashtra-Gujarat belt plus Rajasthan and overseas, and will surely aid in the film opening well when it releases all over on 15th November.

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