Ranbir Kapoor's VFX item song in CHILLAR PARTY

glamsham.com editorial

Glamsham Editorial

Vikas Bahl, director of CHILLAR PARTY, approached Pixion with a concept in his mind to produce a unique video starring Ranbir Kapoor. 'Tai Tai Phiss' is the first song that has been shot entirely against Chroma with computer generated graphics doing its magic in the background. Pixion has always been enthusiastic about new ideas and concept and this was again an opportunity for Pixion to showcase talent.

On this Mr. Shakti Hasija, Head of Pixion Trailor House who has entirely supervised the online editing and the song says that, "We have all danced to the tunes of 'Munni' and 'Sheila' but for the first time a male item song has been released targeting the kids by Ranbir Kapoor. Apart from that, the song has been an attraction for the kids and youngsters as well; they even imitate the steps performed by Ranbir. The interactive backgrounds are teaming up with the lyrics of the song, like creation of lyrics 'Tai Tai Phis', beats and musical instruments. This has been an innovation in the industry."

Ms. Anu Verma, Motion Graphic artist said, "We believed that we can style the effects in a way to show that it's Ranbir who is making all these interesting effects and colorful setups happen to entertain the kids who are difficult to please. We imagined a set which was completely controlled by lights and bulbs and these lights and bulbs would react to the song and Ranbir."

Mr. Ranadheer Reddy, Compositing Head, Pixion, the Onset Supervisor for the 'Tai Tai Phiss' song, ensured hassle free execution in order to check factors like Lenses, Distance, and Angle Chrominance of Green and lighting, as the song has been absolutely shot against chroma.

The main challenge faced creatively was to make the generated backgrounds as real as possible but yet at the same time keeping it stylish. That's a very fine line and Pixion had to constantly keep reviewing and going back and forth on how far to push the effects. Since the film was so near its promotion and release campaign, the challenge was to achieve the desired result within 5 days.

Pixion had an uphill task when the video was to be completed in 5 days time since it involved frame by frame Rotoscopy. There were approximately 250 shots in the video and all were complete green screen shoot. Pixion had 8 different setups of set to be created and all were computer generated animations. A team of 30 matte artists and compositors, 2 VFX supervisors, 1 CG artist and 1 smoke artist.

Mr. Yogesh Chhag, Sales Head, Pixion said that "Pixion has always believed in delivering class apart work and with CHILLAR PARTY it would be more evident for the industry with the brilliant DI and VFX delivered for the movie."

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