Real Marriage Proposal that Outshined Movies

Are you berating yourself for not having an idea on how to propose the love of your life for marriage? No worries, there is still time and ways to salvage the situation. Here is the video that has been watched worldwide a million times through various video portals. This can give you a good clue on how to be simply 'you', and sweep your love off her feet! Just watch it and present your loved one with an experience as unique as this, so that she treasures it for years to come.

The beautiful story

When Ginny Joiner was courting her boyfriend Matt Still, little did she know how romantic and exciting her marriage proposal was going to be. Being there at the cinema hall waiting to watch Fast Five, she was shocked and surprised to see the special efforts her boyfriend had made in screening those three special words. All his dreams, hopes, love and feelings were capsuled into a beautiful and striking marriage proposal video.

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Recaping the proposal

Ginny was at a movie theatre with her brother. On the screen, as she expects to see the movie that she is supposed to be there for she sees a video of a man professing his love for a woman to her father. Ginny immediately realises that it is her boyfriend Matt. Matt asks Ginny’s dad for his blessings for their match. Ginny quickly figured out the plot and expected him at the theatre in flesh when she saw him racing to her after her father's consent. Not to miss out on her reaction, Matt even fixed a tiny camera in the theatre, which captured all her emotions and reactions.

Love lessons to steal!

'Making the Movies Jealous', that is what Matt and Ginny's film is called. A marriage proposal that would truly even make movies feel jealous. Matt's idea and the video got popular worldwide as it was extremely romantic and filled with personal moments. People communicate their love through just words, but Matt did it with an elaborate visual form (a video) that he played on the giant screen. Matt's Hollywood-like story which he crafted on his own went way beyond the words, roses or rings. So, how about trying something similar and out-of-the-box like Matt and giving an innovative and personal touch to your love story?

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Understand what your woman wants!

Matt perfectly knew what his ladylove wanted. Firstly, he knew she wanted a proposal. Secondly, he knew her love for movies. And lastly, he knew she wanted him to take her dad’s permission. Well, Matt made his love for Ginny clear when she saw her man meeting her dad and asking for her hand in a movie theatre. Matt thought beyond the traditional ways, for sure. He truly organised it well by letting Ginny’s father know about the idea and seeking a green signal from him. Only, after that he ran to get his girl, literally speaking! So guys, here is your lesson. Say what you mean and say what your girl wants to hear!

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So, what are you thinking?

If he can outdo a movie in a movie theatre; so can you. Just ditch the boring 'ring hidden in the dessert' or 'giving the flowers' routine. Get experimental like Matt and your attempts will surely be appreciated and cherished forever. It would lead to more happiness and bonding as compared to something done with a materialistic touch. Of course, it should be straight from the heart and in a way that would not make your girl uncomfortable. So, what is it that you are doing to make her feel special?