Renault Needs to Build this Insanely Sexy Concept

Jeff Perez
Boldride30 September 2013

If this concept is any indication, the future of GT racing is going to be ridiculously cool. Based on the Renault Fly concept of the same design, the Fly GT is a hotted-up, hammered-down French race car of epic proportions.

Done up by Polish designer Konrad Cholewka, the GT comes pre-loaded with a full racing suit ranging from a spoiler to side skirts to wheels and tires. It’s all offset handsomely by a gun metal finish and candy apple red accents. Not to mention the eye-catching glass paneling sculpted along both sides.


Like the original concept on which it’s based, Cholewka says the Fly GT is, “very exciting to drive.” And thanks to a lightweight, minimalist build, it’s sure to handle like a dream on the road and/or track.

Sadly though, it’s probably never going to be built. But I would literally give my left arm to see this thing in the flesh and on the track. Literally.

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