RGV lodges police complaint

Sayoni Sinha
Yahoo! India Movies

Ram Gopal Varma has lodged a complaint with the Versova Police on Tuesday afternoon against the BJP Yuva Morcha. On Tuesday, twenty members of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) were detained by the Oshiwara police for protesting outside filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma's office in Andheri west. The protest was triggered by Varma’s announcement about casting Maria Susairaj, who has been recently convicted in the Neeraj Grover murder case, in his upcoming film ‘Not a Love Story’. Following the protest, Varma lodged a complaint after he received a warning letter from the Bharatiya Janata Party threatening him against his decision to cast Susairaj.

When contacted, RGV said, “My intention behind whatever I said is that if someone has been convicted and has served a given sentence, she has a right to start her life afresh and be a part of civilized society. Maria is not my sister or my girlfriend and I don’t even know her. So, it is not about supporting her but it is about standing up for the constitutional rights.” He further argued that even after court gave its judgment, the least informed people are raising so much noise; it comes under contempt of court.  “Public opinion is fine but isn’t there a difference between opinion and an informed opinion? And who can be more informed than the judge? And if the people feel that the investigating team and the judge are wrong why are they only singling out Maria. For all I know Maria can be a killer or maybe even a serial killer but shouldn’t there be an accepted way by means of appropriate bodies like the judiciary to find that out in a civil society?,” he added.