Rockstar: A passionate ride

First Cut

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field…
I'll meet you there.


The film begins and ends with these lines. Imtiaz Ali's 'Rockstar' is a passionate ride, an emotional high that only a passion for music and intense love can evoke. He blends these two to make a film about emotions that do not follow the diktats of logic. Falling in love is easy; it's only the technicalities of the relationship that makes things difficult. But sometimes even falling in love is difficult; we end up questioning our feelings. Conflicting emotions, unrequited love coupled with pangs of guilt cause a restlessness that becomes unbearable.

Ranbir as the anguished and disturbed rockstar does a commendable job. The character's aggression does not stem from his arrogance but from the internal turmoil that's burning him. Ranbir has indeed come a long way from his first 'towel dance' in 'Saawariya'. It's something to conceive a character like that on paper but the brilliant execution of such a complex character is indeed admirable. Nargis Fakhri's incompetence to handle such a conflicted character is quite obvious. The film biggest flaw is Ali's choice of the female lead.

Some films are made for entertainment and there are others that the filmmaker makes for himself, a film that allows him to experiment. Imtiaz Ali could have followed the conventional format and made a feel-good love story but he decided to be different. Some films are a work of passion; they are told in a certain way because the filmmaker decides that the making of this film will not be dictated by the demands of the market. This film does not follow the popular Bollywood formula: boy meets girl, falls in love, problems, problems resolved, happy ending neither does it have the typical 'conflict and resolution of conflict' narrative. Rockstar is not flawless but this is a film that cannot be judged by the regular parameters of storytelling.

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