Rolling Stones sue fashion label for stealing tongue logo

Washington, August 15 (ANI): The Rolling Stones have filed a lawsuit against a German fashion retailer 'New Yorker Fashion', for using the band's iconic mouth and tongue logo for their promotional sales posters and clothing tickets, without seeking permission.

Fritz Knapp, the CEO of the company have stated that the design is not exclusive to the rockers and it was designed by their creative department which he won't let get banned, Contactmusic reported.

Lawyers from the band's Netherlands-based law firm Musidor Bv are demanding 315,000 dollars (210,000 pounds) in settlement and a 25,500 dollars (17,000 pounds) fine.

The band's spokesperson told the Sun that the step was taken to protect commercial properties related to the band which are the songs, gigs and logo.

He added that there would be a dangerous precedent if improper use of anything related to the band wasn't kept in check.

Store staffs have already removed 800 promotional posters and over 3,000 clothes tags that had the controversial logo. (ANI)