Saare Jahaan Se Mehnga... Movie Review editorial
Saare Jahaan Se Mehnga... Movie Review

By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial

As a concept, it's different for a film. But its execution leaves a lot to be desired. SAARE JAHAAN SE MEHNGA is a funny yet 'desperate' take on the inflation that has hit our country like a virus.Funny, because of the manner in which prices are sky-rocketing, especially petrol (every fortnight), diesel and the subsequent ripple effect on the other products. Desperate, because it forces the principal characters in the film to come up with a desperate, yet economical idea to tide them over the next three years without being bothering about inflation.Puttanpal (Sanjay Mishra) lives in Haryana with his wife Noori (Pragati Pandey), his father Nagpal (Vishwa Mohan Badola) and brother Gopal (Ranjan Chabbra). They are at their wits end making ends meet. They hit on this brilliant idea of taking an interest-free Rs 1 lakh loan from the government to start a grocery shop. But the real reason is to stock their house with groceries that will see them through three years. Every month, they decide to save Rs 3,000 they need to spend and by the end of three years they would have collected Rs 1 lakh to return.This is their novel idea of beating inflation. So even if prices rise in the next three years, it would mean nothing to them. But they had not accounted for the government official knocking on their doors to see if their shop is up and running. This is when Puttanpal and his family don't know what to do.Director Anshul Sharma fails to convert a good idea into a brilliant screenplay and with only Sanjay Mishra, there is only that much he can do.The last five minutes are actually the soul of the film when Puttanpal goes on a spiel educating the officials on what the state of the moment really is. It's a touching take on the reality of the moment.The middle-class is the worst hit with inflation at an all-time high and Sharma tries his best to highlight this fact. Puttanpal could be anyone in your neighbourhood. It could also be you

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