Sajid Khan: I don't even read critics reviews editorial
Sajid Khan: I don't even read critics reviews

By Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial

Sajid Khan is on a roll. His HOUSEFULL 2 added to a fabulous 2012 which has seen maximum number of 100 crore super hits for Bollywood. With multiple successes under his belt and HIMMATWALA carrying very good vibes as well, it also seems that his war with critics has died a silent death, what with his worst detractors seemingly to walk away.

"But then even if they return during HIMMATWALA, I won't be surprised", says Sajid with a straight face, "I know this for a fact that after HOUSEFULL 2 so many people came to me and said that they were surprised why it got such bad reviews when they had actually enjoyed it so much. Well, the reason behind this is that my personality is so strong due to which critics don't dislike my films, they dislike me. Today, they have all the more reason to dislike me because I don't give them a damn," Said Sajid.

This pretty much translates into the fact that while he too is quiet today, there is all the possibility of him giving a roar if the situation demands.

"Earlier people used to say that I am arrogant, cocky and shoot my mouth off. Today they say that I am Nostradamus. Arrey bas yaar, I don't need your certificate of approval from you. I remember this dialogue from Subhash Ghai's VIDHAATA where Sanjiv Kumar tells Dilip Kumar that tum kya mujhe nikaaloge, main khud istifaa deta hoon. The same holds true for me and critics as well. Main unko kehta hoon ki tumhe jo likhna hai likho, I don't care because I won't even read your reviews. Agar mujhe pata hi nahi hai tumne kya likha hai toh mujhe koyi faraq bhi nahi padhne waala hai," laughs Sajid.

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