Salman Khan Comes To Jagdish Mali's Aid

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Salman Khan Comes To Jagdish Mali's Aid

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has once again proved that he is indeed a large-hearted gentleman. It seems that when the 'Tiger' of Bollywood got to know from an actress that veteran photographer Jagdish Mali was spotted wandering on the streets in a deplorable condition, he immediately dispatched a car and a few people to get him home safely.


Sources claim that Mink Brar, a small-time actress saw Jagdish Mali wandering on the streets of suburban Andheri in a semi-nude condition and covered with dirt. When she recognized him and tried to speak to him, he seemed in a dazed condition and did not respond coherently. Sensing that Jagdish needs help, Mink informed Salman Khan, who swung in action and sent his people to take the photographer home safely.


It is being said that Mali has been battling alcohol related issues and has turned into a recluse over the years. It seems that even his daughter Antara Mali had no idea about his condition when she was informed.


Known for immortalizing Rekha through his photographs, Jagdish Mali was known for his impressive photography skills and his portfolios.