Sanjay Dutt?s Laywer Calls Him Foolish!

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Sanjay Dutt?s Laywer Calls Him Foolish!

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, who has been sentenced to an imprisonment of five years by the Supreme Court for his involvement in an illegal weapons case, was termed foolish by his lawyer Majid Memon while addressing the press.

Memon said that Sanjay was foolish for possessing a weapon illegally, but that does not make him a traitor or a terrorist. He added that it is unfortunate that he has been branded a criminal for what can only be defined as 'foolishness'.

Dutt was charged under provisions of the Arms Act when he was accused of possessing weapons given by terror outfits, which had been responsible for the serial blasts that shook the city on March 12, 1993. A total of 257 persons were killed and 713 others injured following the 13 coordinated explosions.

Memon also disclosed that Dutt's team of counsel would carefully examine the court judgment, examine every word and explore possibilities of a review petition.