Sanjay Dutt Speaks Fondly Of Sanjay Gupta

Movie Talkies

It had been widely reported that Sanjay Dutt and Sanjay Gupta patched up at Amitabh Bachchan's 70th birthday bash recently. Subsequently, there were speculations that the two were no longer in touch with each other. However, it is believed that both of them are good friends again.

Sanjay Dutt was quoted saying that he had never fought with Gupta at all and that he always spoke nicely about him. He further added that whatever happened is in the past and that they have had too many nice moments and many years of being together as friends. 


Speaking about the reason for the patch-up, Dutt said that things change and that both of them have kids now. He concluded by saying that both of them wish each other the best.