Shiney Ahuja's case to be heard by High Court on December 17

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Shiney parties after bail
Shiney parties after bail

Bollywood actor Shiney Ahuja, who had been accused of raping his maid servant way back in 2009 was sentenced to an imprisonment of seven years by the Sessions Court, following which Ahuja had filed an appeal before the High Court and requested for a quick trial.

Considering Ahuja's prayer that the 'pendency of frivolous conviction' has harmed him personally as well as professionally, the High Court has decided to hear the matter on December 17. Ahuja's lawyer argued that the DNA test results, domestic help's evidence and circumstantial evidence did not support the case against the actor.
The 38-year-old actor had also claimed that the police investigation against him was one-sided and biased and that the investigating officers did not even examine the call data records and CCTV evidence, which would have exonerated him.