'Shirtless' Justin Bieber celebrates b'day, parties away until 6 am

New York, Mar. 2 (ANI): Justin Bieber, who has habitually been putting his abs and growing tattoo collection on display via social networking sites, was seen showing up shirtless at his London hotel at 3 am on his 19th birthday on Friday.

The teenage icon was wearing just his hip hop style pants that were hanging low beneath his underwear after he wrapped up his Birmingham concert.

"Great show! Now gonna go celebrate 19! Thanks," the New York Post quoted him as tweeting.

According to a UK website, the 19-year-old then set out for the night and partied until the wee hours with his rumoured girlfriend interest Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke and other female friends.

After partying for a couple of hours at the after-hours club BLC, the group left for some kebabs in a Lebanese restaurant and called it a night at 6 am. (ANI)