Shopping, biking and music give Malhar Pandya a high

Shopping, biking and music give Malhar Pandya a high

Malhar Pandya aka Harsh of Colors' Hamari Saas Leela likes doing a lot of things when not busy shooting. Like most guys his age, he likes to shop, bike and listen to music. Says he: "I just love shopping, it is my favorite pastime. I can shop day and night without getting tired. However, now I do not get much time to shop. But still when I have time I get into the nearest mall and I stop only after I realize that my bank balance is going down."

Well, in a city like Mumbai when you want to run away from all the noise and pollution, a long drive is definitely the best remedy and the actor loves it to the core. "I just love going on long drives and all I need is my bike, helmet and my iPod when I leave. I do not need a companion as my bike is with me and the iPod too helps equally."

However, Malhar admits that he has a bad habit that he is trying get rid of. He reveals, "I never forget to carry my helmet while I leave for my long drive but I usually keep it on the bike. I hardly ever wear it even though I know it's not a safe thing to do."

We understand Malhar; you enjoy the breeze in your hair. But remember, often times, helmets have saved bikers' lives. We would like to see you safe and sound!!!! So strap on your helmet next time even before you mount your bike!!!

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