Sophia Loren finally cleared of tax evasion charges 39 yrs on


Washington, Oct 25 (ANI): Sophia Loren has been finally cleared of tax evasion charges by Italy's Supreme Court after 39 years.

The 79-year-old Italian actress claimed that the ruling was "a miracle of justice", adding that when it seems there is no longer any hope, it's still possible for justice to be done, People magazine reported.

The dispute had begun in 1974, when Loren had declared less income because her compensation from the film, 'Il viaggio' was deferred, moving her to a lower tax bracket.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the officials had claimed that she should have paid the rate of the higher tax bracket.

As a result, she also had to spend 17 days in a low-security women's prison in 1982. (ANI)