Star Wars' Chewbacca star had light saber cane seized at airport

New York, June 9 (ANI): Star Wars' star Peter Mayhew used the power of Twitter to get back his cane which was seized at the airport for close examination.

The 69-year-old actor who played the famous Chewbacca character in the Star Wars series had the lightsaber-style walking stick seized as he flew home from a sci-fi convention, the New York Post reported.

The 7ft 2in actor - who needs it to walk - posted snaps online of him looking upset as security agents examined it closely.

He laid bare his frustration as he tweeted saying that the airport security staff won't allow him through with his cane adding, "Giant man need giant cane. Small cane snap like toothpick. Besides, my lightsaber is just cool. I'd miss it."

The actor pleaded with this followers, "@AmericanAir won't allow me through the airport with me cane! Can I get a retweet?"

US Transportation Security Adminstration staff at Denver Airport finally realised their mistake and let him board as he headed to his home in Boyd, Texas.

He later tweeted saying, "Magic words to TSA are not 'please' or 'thank you'.. It's 'Twitter'.. cane released to go home." (ANI)