'Stressed' Anne Hathaway reveals 'shame' over obsession to stay thin

Washington, December 5 (ANI): Anne Hathaway has revealed that her obsession with being thin is a source of "shame" and that she constantly worries about her body.

"I still feel the stress over 'Am I thin enough? Am I too thin? Is my body the right shape?'" ABC News quoted her as saying during an interview with Glamour magazine.

"There's an obsessive quality to it that I thought I would've grown out of by now. It's an ongoing source of shame for me," she said.

Hathaway lost 25 pounds for the film version of 'Les Miserables', which comes out Dec. 25.

In an interview with Allure earlier this year, the 29-year-old actress said that she subsisted on a 500 calorie diet of radishes and hummus to play tuberculosis-ridden prostitute Fantine. (ANI)