Teary-eyed Kamal Haasan Hints At Moving Out Of Chennai

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Teary-eyed Kamal Haasan Hints At Moving Out Of Chennai

Kamal Haasan's ambitious project Vishwaroopam has not gotten out of its legal wrangles yet. The Madras High Court has stayed the release of the film.


Talking to the press in Chennai, an emotional Kamal Haasan said, "The film shows started and stopped again. The police has asked for a physical order from the court, which we are yet to receive."


He even said that he was willing to shift in order to find a secular state. He said, "I truly wonder how just one movie could knock this mighty nation's unity aside. I thought diversity and unity are what we are all about. Now, I shall wait for the afternoon judgement. I'll have to seek a secular state to stay in. From Kashmir to Kerala (excluding Tamil Nadu), I will look for a place which would house an artist like me. If I cannot find a secular state in India, I will find another country which is secular. It's fine. I will continue to work and only my passports will change. I have a dubious distinction of being fluent in three languages."


A teary-eyed Haasan said, "For the sake of the film, my money lender had shown great patience. It's been nearly two months since he has lost his patience. As things got postponed, he wanted some sort of visible safety for him so I've bequipped all my properties in Chennai to him. In case, he doesn't realize his money on a particular date, he will take over this place of the press conference."


Directed and produced by Haasan, who also plays the protagonist, Vishwaroopam is a tri-lingual film and also stars Rahul Bose, Shekhar Kapur, Jaideep Ahlawat, Pooja Kumar and Andrea Jeremiah.